Sequester This!

Obama manufactures a crisis. His lapdog media screams, whines, cries, moans, in general playing its part to support Obama’s further assertion that the monster HE created is going to seriously alter life in the United States.

Yeah. About that.

The ‘sequester’ is going to cut a whole 3% from spending. What’s that mean? Say you’re spending TWICE what you’re bringing in every year and you get a sudden realization that you can’t keep doing this, mainly because your creditors are about to cut off your funds. So you get all remorseful and tell them you’re cutting back. Three percent. Instead of $50,000 a year deficit, you’re only going to overspend $47,000. Won’t that make ’em happy?

Oh, really get them to giggling when you tell them that the cuts you’re taking are going to be food for the baby, Grandma’s medicine, and fixing the hole in the roof. You’re big-screen TV, the cable bill, the Internet, the steak dinners and expensive wines, you’re gonna keep that.

The cartoon below blames this on uninformed voters, but it’s like the Titanic. Even if there was somebody on board who was smart enough to slow down and avoid icebergs, the mistakes of the people in charge took the whole ship down.

6 thoughts on “Sequester This!”

  1. Actually, going from $50K to $47K is a 6% reduction. But your analogy is spot on – the spending reductions are pitifully small, yet the media acts like it’s the end of the world!

  2. Steve-

    If the deficit is $50k and the funded portion is $50k, then the total budget is $100k. $3k is three percent. I didn’t go far enough with my explanation.


  3. Under ‘SEQUESTER’ there is no (I say again, NO) cutback in spending. What is really happening is that the rate of increase in spending is being reduced. Instead of spending $60 billion MORE than last year, the Regime is only spending $15 billion more on social and domestic spending than they did last year. OH, the inhumanity… By the way, we just allocated $60 billion off budget on recovery from Sandy. – $16 billion MORE than is planned to be cut by ‘Sequester’.

    To my way of thinking, shut ALL govt. offices down for 30 days. If the country doesn’t collapse, keep ’em closed. If it does collapse, we start over from ground level and only built what we can’t survive without..

  4. The spending cuts won’t even start paying the daily interest on the treasury notes that China bought.

    How sad about all the noise from D.C. about the sequester & it really means nothing in the big picture.

  5. Well, John Boardman, “Diversity” will make sure that we are not able to “survive” without Obamaphones and EBT cards.

    Unless, of course, one is permitted to take out the trash…

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